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Korcula, Konoba Belin


Perfect little restaurant in a perfect little town!

Perfect little restaurant in a perfect little town!


One of the islands that we visited while we were in Croatia, was the Island of Korcula. We were supposed to spend two days on the Island but we were waylaid by weather. None the less, it was another amazing experience, mainly because of the two meals and the people that we met at the Konoba Belin in the little village of Zeljko.

One of the great things about going on a CWAdventures trip, is that you get immersed in the culture and their way of living no matter where you visit (this was my third trip). When we landed in Korcula, our guides Dani and Ivana said that they had a “UPS” planned for the night. Well, I know I’m pretty hip and think I get the lingo, but I had never heard of this before. This was our “Unexpected Pleasant Surprise”, and it was indeed!

Konoba Belin is owned and operated by a beautiful family whose history in the town of Zeljko goes back for over a hundred years! I would definitely say that they are pretty well established in their community and that everyone knows them! LOL! The Konoba Belin has a lovely outdoor setting with family style seating. It’s perfect for large groups or even people traveling alone. You will always have someone to talk to during your visit! That being said, the owner’s of this establishment are so nice. Their outgoing demeanor’s make you feel that you are at your best friends house for a dinner party. They want you to feel comfortable and they certainly do a good job making you feel that way! One other perk of having dinner here, the entertainment! We were serenaded by a three piece local band, and eh hem, our guides. They will be mad I said that but everyone sang so beautifully, it just added to the ambiance of the evening! So all that said, a visit to Konoba Belin is a must if you are ever on the Island of Korcula. Read on, you will see why!

Beautiful konoba, complete with a garden in the front. They do it right!

Hey hun? Can you go and grab me some fresh tomatoes and herbs. Well yes, yes I can!


The beautiful indoor setting at the Konoba Belin. Such a welcoming place to enjoy a meal with great people!

Another reason to love Croatia. People sing their hearts out. Really they do! Just cool. We should sing more in America.


Ok, ok, foodie talking here! Konoba Belin served some of the best food that I have ever eaten in my life, and I have eaten a lot of food! (LOL)! It was hard to capture all the delicious things they made because food photography with intimate lighting is a little tough at night, but you will get the idea! Things that I couldn’t get good pictures of were wonderfully grilled meats, beautiful salads, cabbage and lovely desserts.  Everything was artfully prepared by a family who cares. You can taste it in every bite! I wish that I could eat like this everyday!

Our tuna steaks grilling away. It’s a beautiful sight!

Grilled tuna with fava beans and grilled veges. Quite possibly the best grilled tuna that I have ever eaten!

Croatian comfort food, fish soup. Croatians eat a lot of soup. This soup will be something that I will crave! Delish!

Fried zucchini with Croatian ham and local cheeses. They fried the zucchini with rosemary. I’m definitely stealing this idea! Yum!

OMG, was this delicious. Homemade pasta called Žrnovski makaruni. I can’t even begin to pronounce it, so I won’t try! Each of these little pastas were hand wrapped around a stick to form! Word on the street Konoba Belin made 40 kilo’s of them the day that we were there! That’s a lot of  makaruni!

Holy loaf of bread hot out of the oven!

Freshly picked oregano from the side of the road and garlic from the garden. Psst, don’t tell anyone, I brought both home with me!

Before our lunch we took a lovely walk around the town of Zrnovo guided by Frank, one of the owners of Konoba Belin. He gave us all the history of the town and pointed out some important things, including his grape vines, gardens and olive orchard! It’s so great to walk with a local.

Pretty little village of Zrnovo.

We met these pretty ladies on our walk. No walk is complete unless you run into a pair of goats.

One reason why buildings last so long in Croatia, they build the whole dang thing with stone- even the roofs!

One thing I really enjoyed about Croatia- all the flowers, especially the ones that grow out the side of buildings!

This little girl joined us on our walk. I was missing my dogs and she appeared! Our fearless leader!

No trip would be complete without meeting lovely new friends. Our group was delightful and friendly and our guides Dani and Ivana, were just amazing. They did such a great job and were just so fun to be around. Their love of Croatia is contagious.  I learned so much that I didn’t know and learned that I want to know more! We walked a lot, saw a lot, laughed a ton. Perfect elements of a great trip! Thanks to them for making our trip so special! You know I’ll be back and that we will stay in touch! LUDILO!! 🙂

Happy people make me happy! These two are amazing!

More happy people. I wonder what Frank is telling Dani? It seems pretty important! LOL!



Pope John Paul visited this tiny village. It’s a big deal, especially when 99% of the country is Roman Catholic. Ivana and Dani (and little dog) posing with the Pope!

Me and Zeljko. Such a great host!

Frank the master griller and Peka maker. Such a nice man who has great stories! I love that!

Well this concludes my three part series on Croatia. I hope you enjoyed the tour. I am one lucky gal and truly grateful for this experience. It will be hard to forget this trip! That’s all I can say. I’ll be back for sure!


If you want to learn more about Konoba Belin, you can find them on Facebook or on Trip Adviser.

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